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You will receive three free print issues of popular magazines, hassle-free customer service and great magazine service for 6 magazines if they continue beyond the 30-day free trial. But you are also entitled to claim valuable rewards and exclusive discount shopping benefits during the trial and as long as they are members. This includes unlimited access to SaveRunner, a shopping service that's loaded with thousands of valuable offers to save in-store and online in 15 shopping categories. You'll literally be able to save on just about anything!

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It's no secret that the digital age has created an abundance of alternatives to the content we used to only find in magazines. So publishers are eager to find new ways to reach new audiences. That's why are able to offer customers valuable incentives just for trying magazines out. We know only a portion of our customers will continue their subscription after the free issues, but our program builds critical brand awareness that can lead to future subscribers. You don't have to read the magazines cover to cover, but publishers are still interested in getting their magazines in front of you!

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Beyond the value you receive and the outstanding customer service, we offer the most flexible magazine service available. If you continue beyond the trial, you will never be locked into your magazines. Simply contact customer care and you can change your magazines anytime you want and as often as you want. We carry a wide selection of the country's most popular magazines like Glamour, Vogue, Shape, Good Housekeeping, Men's Health, Women's Health, Martha Stewart Living, Golf Digest, Fortune, Better Homes & Gardens and This Old House.