Why is Magazine Rewards Plus so different?

Spoiler alert: You get way more than just magazines!

  • You get 3 FREE issues of today's most popular magazines, even if you cancel before the trial period ends.
  • You get to claim valuable rewards, just for trying it out.
  • If you continue after the 30-day trial, you'll get three more, or six in all for one, low monthly rate.
  • Plus you get to enjoy exclusive members-only benefits that will save you money on everyday purchases.

Features and Benefits

Magazines, Savings, and Rewards


How It Works

Step 11

Get Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter arrives within 7-10 days after you enrolled.
Step 22

Activate Deals

Register to activate your exclusive deals at SaveRunner.
Step 33

Redeem Rewards

Claim the rewards and other benefits you're entitled to.
Step 44

Get More Magazines

If you continue after the trial, we'll send you 3 additional magazines (6 in all).

Despite the Internet, Magazines are STILL an American passion!

Magazines Rewards Plus is way more than just magazines!